The Thunder Bay Metal Fabricators Association TBMFA is the 2nd phase of the original Thunder Bay Oils Sands Consortium TBOSC and the ongoing marketing development of Metal Trade companies and suppliers located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The TBMFA is led by 4 lead companies and over 40 association members offering significant capability and capacity relating to the design, manufacture, repair, and installation of a broad range of products fabricated from metal.

Collectively, the member companies represent over 100,000 square feet of facilities, and a workforce of approximately 800 employees. The Association members collectively have hundreds of years of experience and expertise in providing comprehensive, time-sensitive, and cost-effective solutions to the needs of heavy industry, including the Oil and Gas sector.
The Thunder Bay Metal Fabricators Association members represent a broad cross - section of metal working firms and related goods & services, including the following areas:
  • module and tank/vessel fabrication
  • fuel train & components for propane & natural gas utilization
  • registered piping fabrication
  • structural steel supply, fabrication, and erection
  • sheet metal / HVAC design, supply, manufacture & installation
  • hydraulic components design / manufacture / repair
  • machine shop / fabrication / welding / design / engineering
  • mechanical contractors / fabricators
  • ship fabrication / repair
  • truck trailer manufacturing
  • industrial painting and coatings
  • transportation services (including international marine - Port of Thunder Bay)